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Feb 13, 2024 is owned and operated by Best Betting Media Ltd, a UK incorporated company, with its headquarters residing in Bexhill-on-Sea.

So what is a UK company doing, running a site focused on the betting and casino industry in Michigan?

Well, Best Betting Media Ltd is founded by 3 veterans of the iGaming industry, boasting a combined 40 years of experience, expertise, authority, and trust.

We have a vision to make betting and gaming customers more informed in their choices on a global scale, but we believe in a hyper-local, state and country specific approach to educating bettors and gamblers, regardless of where they may be based.

Hence, we are developing a full portfolio for key states and countries around the world with our ‘Best Betting’ brand.

Trusting Us

It’s important to us that our users trust us and believe we are offering the best service possible. So let’s dig in a bit to our background.

The three founders, Simon Pilkington, Andy Scott and Adam Pilkington have spent the majority of their careers in this industry and have all the bases covered to provide great informational sites to our users.

Whilst all three are based in Europe, they all boast hands-on experience within the US market, across the Sports Betting, Online Casino, Poker and Bingo verticals, and each bring a skillset that between them covers editorial content, commercial, product, marketing, SEO, technology and leadership.

Most importantly they’ve spent these years building an understanding of what makes the perfect sportsbook and casino operator and are uniquely positioned as bettors themselves to be able to guide you through your options and allow you to make more informed decisions.

With our belief in focusing on being hyper-local, we try to work extremely closely with experts in Michigan, to ensure that content and marketing is of the highest quality possible and meets our users needs and intents.

Our Commercial Model

In order to provide strong content and keep in the best possible position, we run this website as a commercial entity and we largely follow an affiliate commercial framework, which sees us receive a small fee for each user that joins a betting or casino operator off the back of our reviews.

We’re totally open and transparent about this as it allows us to help more users globally to get the best information and keep players from joining rogue operators which we would never work with. We look to foster strong relationships with our partners, that also allows us to present bespoke bonuses and offers to you, the user, whilst giving us a deeper insight into the operational side of operators.

Integrity vs Commercials

The obvious question we like to answer is how we manage to stay objective during our review process when working with these operators on a commercial basis. Well, we like to frame this the other way around and say we look to push commercial agreements once we’re happy that we’re recommending a great brand and a great sportsbook or casino. If they don’t cut it, we don’t cut a deal, it’s that simple.

A key part of the integrity is that the fees paid to us by the operators are in no way passed on to you - it costs nothing to use our sites and take in our information, and it never will.

Our Writers and Contributors

We always look to work with writers and gaming professionals who have experienced the industry and locality first hand. No page or review is written without deep research and all information presented is double checked before publishing.

Simon Pilkington:

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Simon is one of the co-founders of Best Betting Media Ltd and is highly passionate about providing betting and gaming customers with information that is useful, that is needed and that helps them make better decisions.

This has been highlighted throughout his career, spanning across betting operators, sports betting media and data companies, affiliate businesses, and most recently as the CEO of super-affiliate, KaFe Rocks Ltd, a powerhouse in the industry.

Simon contributes heavily to BestBettingMichigan’s content and can be found on LinkedIn here.

Andy Scott:

Andy Scott - Best Betting Media

Andy, another co-founder of Best Betting Media Ltd, is also a veteran in the iGaming industry with a career spanning 15+ years across betting and casino operators, affiliation, marketing agency leadership, and also founded a highly successful digital marketing agency, TBD.Media.

A huge soccer fan, Andy is passionate about the USA, having lived and worked there previously and loves to write about all things sports betting and casino. You’ll find his content throughout the sites and can catch up with his full profile here.

Adam Pilkington:

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The third co-founder of Best Betting Media Ltd, Adam has worked within the iGaming industry for close to 20 years, and is our technology and product guy for the portfolio. With a career focused on senior technology and development roles, predominantly for online casinos and sportsbooks, he’s also worked within the affiliate and content space previously.

English, but living in Sweden, Adam ensures that BestBettingMichigan performs to the highest standard and offers products that help users. He also contributes to the content with expert insight on all things betting tech, app and product, and you’ll see this content throughout the site. You can check him out here.

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If you’d like to discuss anything on the site or the business please head over to our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.