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Apr 19, 2024

Tennis has become a global favorite, captivating millions of players across various surfaces. Given its widespread appeal, it's no surprise that betting on tennis has become a hugely popular endeavor too.

Below, we'll cover the essentials and walk you through Michigan's best tennis betting sites for 2024. Like the evolution of tennis itself, sports wagering has seen a huge improvement over the years, with fantastic product features, promos, and in-play options tailored completely towards this special game.

Best Tennis Betting Sites 2024

  1. Logo of FanDuel in Michigan
    FanDuel Sportsbook

    Up to $1,000 Risk Free Bet - Paid in Bonus Bets

  2. BetMGM
    BetMGM Sportsbook

    First Bet Offer - Up to $1,500 back in Bonus Bets

  3. Logo of BetRivers sportsbook
    BetRivers Sportsbook

    Second chance bet of up to $500

  4. Caesars Sportsbook Michigan
    Caesars Sportsbook

    First Bet Offer - Up to $1,000 back in Bonus Bets

Above you'll find our top ranked sportsbooks for tennis in Michigan - we've based these rankings on a couple of factors. Of course, we've taken in our overall rankings for sportsbooks, looking at product, customer support, payment methods and the like, but at the same time we've looked specifically at tennis and what they offer in terms of markets, odds, events and tennis promos.

What Do the Best Tennis Betting Sites Offer?

When talking about a solid sportsbook, it's key to remember that such a place has got to meet some vital criteria to be considered top-notch. The best online betting sites for tennis of 2024 should have everything you might need. Let's take a look at some of the things to keep an eye out for.

  • Legitimacy - correct licensing
  • Strong payment methods
  • Volume of tennis events
  • Number of tennis betting markets
  • Competitive tennis odds
  • Live betting product - streaming, cash out, data features
  • Tennis-specific wagering promos

First off, any new user should double-check that the betting site they're considering is totally legit, and licensed by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. Any site that holds this license has been deemed fit for you to play at. Otherwise, you're putting yourself, especially your personal info, at risk.

Once you've confirmed the site's legality, make sure you can easily make payments to and from the betting site, talking deposits and withdrawals here.

Luckily, these days there's a ton of payment methods available at online betting sites, so no need to worry. Some popular payment options include PayPal, online banking, cards, Neteller, Skrill, and the list goes on.

After that's sorted, check out the betting options and competitions available at the tennis betting site you're eyeing up. We're talking major tournaments, live betting options, and the chance to watch live tennis matches right on the site. We'll touch more on this below.

Also, consider the deals a betting site offers new users. Every newbie at an online tennis betting site should know they might get a welcome bonus.

Live Betting on Tennis: A Guide from a Michigan Tennis Fan

Live betting often holds the potential for more profits compared to pre-match bets, a rule that might just apply to tennis bets too. Typically, live bets are the way to go, especially during ITF tournaments where the odds are somewhat predictable, and the selection is plentiful.

For example, consider betting on a comeback when the underdog leads 15-0 in a game serving against the favorite. However, these types of strategies shouldn't be applied haphazardly. You need to consider the players' match-up and their skills. That's why a thorough analysis, whether for a pre-match or live bet, could increase your winning chances.

At the same time, there are some excellent live betting and in-play betting features that can make the experience a little more enjoyable. These include the cash out feature, live streaming and live data - we take a closer look at these below.

Cash-Out in Tennis Betting

Nowadays, cash-out is a huge hit and a favorite feature among those betting on NFL and players who wager on NBA, and when it comes to tennis betting, it's equally as popular.

If you've got an active bet and your site offers cash-out, you're in a good spot. Say you bet on a tennis match, and your player is up 4-2 in the final set, but watching live, you start doubting a win, you can close the bet early and still walk away with a nice profit.

Equally if you've bet on a player to win and they're the favorite, but they get off to a bad start and are behind in the match, you could cut your losses early, ensuring that you don't lose as much as you would if the full bet went on to lose.

Tennis Live Streaming - Watch the Match and Wager

When you're picking a betting site, try and find one where you can catch the action live for the games you want to bet on. Thankfully, most betting sites get how crucial this is, so you're likely to find live streaming at many of them.

You can watch the match you're interested in betting on or have already placed a bet on. Plus, watching live can give you a better feel for how the match might end, helping you make smarter bets compared to pre-match betting without any insight into the players' form.

As I just touched on, live watching lets you decide whether to use the cash-out feature, based on how the players are performing and moving. Of course, whilst we'd hope that it would be a great accompanying feature, the next best thing to being able to live stream a tennis match, is to have a robust set of live data to view in-play.

Live Tennis Data - Amplifying the Tennis Betting Experience

The best tennis sportsbooks will offer live data during the match. It may be as simple as a live scoreboard, it could be a tennis court visualization, or it could be really in-depth data sets that can help you make better informed decisions.

With a number of great products on the market such as Stats Perform's data suite, through to BetRadar data and countless others, the best operators will work to ensure your live betting experience is data rich and offer enhanced entertainment to you.

Tennis Betting Bonuses

It's truly rare to find a betting site that doesn't offer a welcome bonus to new users. The folks running these online books know that bonuses are a big deciding factor for players looking to sign up. So, you can expect some pretty sweet deals.

When it comes to tennis betting bonuses, there are plenty of specific promotions, especially when it gets to majors time. At the same time, you can use your non-specific standard promos for tennis betting too, giving you a couple of angles to work with. Let's have a look at a few of the more obvious examples.

Deposit Match Bonuses for Tennis Betting

The most common type of sportsbook bonus is a deposit match bonus, where you get an extra percentage of your deposit as bonus money. Often, this is a 100% bonus for new users. For example, if you deposit $50, with a 100% welcome bonus, you'll get another $50 in bonus bets, making your total balance $100. This can very easily be used for tennis betting.

The Risk Free Tennis Bet - Second Chance Saloon!

Another popular bonus is the Risk Free Bet. Say you sign up at a site offering a $100 Risk Free Bet as a welcome deal. You place a tennis bet worth $100, and if it loses, the betting site gives you a BonusBet of $100.

This gives you plenty of angles to work with - back a clear favorite with a great fall back option of a second bet, or go riskier with your first bet and try to win the bigger prize, safe in the knowledge that the stake will come back as bonus bets if it loses.

Tennis Price Boosts

When the major tournaments kick into gear, you can expect to see the best tennis sportsbooks offer price boosts on certain players and markets.

Whilst often a loss-leader for the sportsbooks, it keeps players involved in a match or tournament, but when you're a fan of tennis and understand the sport, you can look to take advantage of these price boosts when you think the sportsbook is wrong in taking on the player in question. You may find that the price boosts are only possible to a certain max stake level but they still appeal as a great bonus/promo type.

Tennis Betting - What Competitions Can You Bet On?

Since we're talking about one of the most internationally recognized sports, betting sites are keen to offer a wide range of tennis competitions to bet on. Tennis tournaments are happening all over the globe, sometimes even in places you'd least expect. The beauty of this is that generally speaking, there's always an event to wager on.

The most sought-after competitions are undoubtedly the Majors and the WTA Finals, which generally attract the top players, with a few surprises here and there that can shake up the rankings. These include:

  • Australian Open
  • French Open
  • Wimbledon
  • US Open
  • WTA Finals

The Majors are seasonal affairs. For instance, the season kicks off with the Australian Open in January, followed by the French Open at the end of May. Then comes Wimbledon in the UK in July, with the US Open wrapping things up in August-September.

While there are other tournaments featuring top players, the Majors are usually the biggest draw for bettors worldwide with players looking to pull off the Grand Slam of winning all four majors in a season.

Betting on the ATP and WTA Tours

Alongside the Major tournaments, there's also the day-to-day ATP and WTA tours to think about.

There's a strong case that betting on the ATP and WTA tours offers a great chance for savvy bettors to score. Player form, match-ups, and surface preferences play a big role, offering keen observers an edge. With Michigan green-lighting betting on professional tennis, all operating sportsbooks in the state cover these tours. Unlike college sports, there are no restrictions on individual player bets, giving you more freedom in your betting strategy.

Popular Tennis Betting Markets

The best tennis betting sportsbooks will offer a strong array of markets on each event and match. These days, there are so many types of bet to get involved in ranging from the simple to the more elaborate. Some of the key tennis betting markets include:

  • Match Winner (Money Line)
  • Set Winner
  • Total Sets
  • Correct Set Score
  • Total Games in a Set
  • Spreads - who'll win most games in a set
  • Outright tournament winner
  • Parlays

Let's dive into a couple of these in more detail:

Tennis Match Winner Market

The match winner market - often called the moneyline market - is the simplest market to understand and to wager on. It is very self-explanatory, in that you are wagering on the winner of a particular match.

In the early rounds of a tournament you'll likely find short-priced favorites and big-odds dogs, whislt as the tournament consolidates and you get to the business end, the prices will even out a lot more unless an underdog has had a strong run through the competition.

Set Betting

Within the theme of set betting, there are a couple of markets of interest. The most basic one is to wager on who will win the next set. It gives you a bit more opportunity to gauge how the match is going and try to read the game better.

Another simple market is what the set scores will be - i.e. in a 3 set match, will it be 2-0, 2-1, 0-2, or 1-2, whilst in a 5 set match you get more permutations of course.

Outright Markets - Tournament Winner

If you want to play the long game and take advantage of a top player's odds being slightly bigger at the start of a tournament vs half way through it, then you can wager on the tournament winner. If your player goes on a great run through the competition, you get plenty of enjoyment from a single wager, but if they go out early, there's a bit of an anti-climax of course.

Tennis Parlays - Maximize the Odds

The early rounds of a tournament in particular, give you a fantastic opportunity to choose a few individual match winner selections, and wrap them up in one bet where the odds accumulate into a bigger price - known as a parlay.

All of your selections must win for you to be paid out, but it's a good way to take some short priced favorites and creating a more favorable price for yourself. Don't forget though, the risk is much higher too, and favorites do lose too.

Tennis Betting Strategies and Types

Just like any sport, tennis betting comes with its own strategies and popular bet types that many online tennis betting enthusiasts are keen on.

One of the most crucial things to consider when betting on tennis is the surface of the court and the players' preferences. Knowing this can be a game-changer, as some players perform better on certain surfaces.

To steer clear of random betting, it's wise to have some strategies in your back pocket. You could bet on players who are on an upswing. Every so often, young talent bursts onto the tennis scene, stunning everyone with their skills and drive. Betting on these rising stars in smaller tournaments could net you decent odds.

Alternatively, betting mainly on favorites is another route. In men's tennis, upsets are less common than in the women's game. Sticking with favorites at odds between -250 and -167 is usually a solid choice.

Or, consider betting on underdogs in women's tennis. Unlike what we see in the men's game, women's tennis tends to have more surprises due to less powerful serves, making it easier for the opponent to return the ball. Odds around +200 can be worth considering if you do your homework right.

Can you Maximize Your Winning Chances?

You might wonder if there's a way to boost your chances of winning in tennis betting, given the strategies mentioned. Well, these tips are pretty universal across most sports.

  • Surface - what type of surface are they playing on? Is there anything special/specific about the court.
  • Form - always check the players' form in relation to the court surface, and how well players handle that surface.
  • Motivation - when top players are in the mix, check if there's a major tournament like a Grand Slam coming up. There's a chance a top player might not give their all, making an upset less surprising. Equally, this may be the biggest match or tournament for a lesser-ranked player, firing them up for bigger things.
  • Head-to-head - how have they performed against each other? It's particularly important to see how they've performed against each other on the same surface you're planning to wager on.
  • Recent Injury record - are they coming back from injury, did their last matches show glimpses of injury?
  • Weather - this applies more to the really hot tournaments - think the Australian Open in the baking heat and humidity. Some players don't deal with it well - physically or mentally.

How Do I Wager on Tennis?

It's incredibly easy to wager on tennis within the state of Michigan. Firstly this is because sport betting is completely legal and regulated, whilst there are plenty of recommended sportsbooks who boast a Michigan license to operate.

However, read our step-by-step guide below for how to place a wager on tennis.

Time needed:5 mins
  1. 1

    Find a Sportsbook

    We'd recommend starting at the beginning and finding a great tennis betting site from our list above. If you have one already then head to step three below.

  2. 2


    Follow the registration process and sign-up to the new sportsbook. Opt-in to any specific bonuses as necessary.

  3. 3


    Login to the sportsbook

  4. 4


    Choose your favoured payment method and deposit into your account - make sure you can afford the amount you deposit

  5. 5

    Navigate to the Tennis Page

    Look for tennis on the sportsbook's sidebar and click through

  6. 6

    Choose Event

    Click through to the event you'd like to wager on

  7. 7

    Choose your market

    Browse the markets available until there's one you're happy wagering on

  8. 8

    Input Stake

    Click on your wager and add it to the betslip where you can now add your stake amount

  9. 9


    Make the wager and sit back and watch the event unfold - and enjoy it!


Overall, tennis is one of the most popular, widely played, and beloved sports worldwide, not to mention one of the oldest. You'll easily find a bunch of sportsbooks to sign up with in Michigan, but if you keep in mind what we discuss above: the sportsbook's regulations, bonuses, payment methods, and betting options, you'll surely lean towards one of the top online tennis betting sites.

We don't think you can go wrong with any of the sites featured in our ranking list above.