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Why Should You Trust Best Betting Michigan?

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Jan 16, 2024

Let’s get this out there right now - we take your trust in extremely seriously.

When using a site such as ours, where you’ll use it to help form your opinions and choices, it’s vital that you can trust the information put in front of you, but also that you can trust that our intentions are good and honorable. 

With this in mind, we want to be as open and transparent as we can. You can read more about our founders and contributors on our About Us page, but keep reading below to understand some of the things we do to build trust with you:

  • We hold a license with the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) which means we’ve met all criteria in order to provide this service to you. The licensing procedure is often intrusive and laborious, but we believe in doing things the right way. 
  • We only write about and review sportsbooks and casinos that are regulated by the MGCB - we, unlike many others, will not give the black market operators a platform on this site. You can rest assured that we will not direct you to a black market operator. 
  • We believe that sportsbooks and casinos should be a form of entertainment only and we support the efforts of responsible gambling entities that look to protect and serve those suffering from problem gambling - we aim to deliver content and tools that will let you enjoy yourself responsibly. 
  • Only work with writers and contributors who truly understand the betting landscape and can relate to our users. Our writers are humans who’ve actually experienced what they’re writing about. AI is great and serves a purpose but we believe when it comes to our users, they deserve writers that have lived and experienced what they’re writing about and can speak from a position of authority and trust. Yes it costs more to feed them, but we think it’s worth it. 
  • We heavily research and plan each and every article on the site - many hours go into the work we produce, because we understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to trust. 
  • Take a user first approach - we’re an agile set-up that only wants to put things on a page that can help the user rather than things that look good but offer no value to you. 
  • Be open about our commercial model - Best Betting Media Ltd participates in affiliate programmes run by the sportsbooks and casinos you will find on this site, with the idea that it provides us with a means to earn advertising fees and commissions by linking to these platforms. In turn, we can then ensure that our sites work as best as possible and deliver the best content possible to the user. 

To put this really simply, if you click from our links to any sportsbook or casino, sign-up and start spending with them, we would receive a small fee/commission, but you will not be charged extra or see the cost fall in your lap. A good comparison is a user visiting a book review website and clicking and buying through to Amazon and then Amazon paying the book review site a commission.

  • Despite our commercial model, we strictly do not allow any editorial insight or control for our partners - only Best Betting Michigan decides what to write about and, more importantly, how to write about it. 
  • Our editorial stance is one of objectivity, and we lead this through a ‘review-first, partnership-after’ mentality. Meaning we are not influenced by commercials when we’re reviewing. You can rest assured that what you read is our honest opinion. 
  • We drill down on the details. Our review process alone ensures we look at every part of a sportsbook or casino so that you don’t have to worry at all. This includes researching and reviewing:
    • Company information
    • Bonuses and promotions
    • Key pros and cons
    • Marketing efforts
    • How suitable they are to the Michigan market - is there a tailored approach
    • Product offering - which platforms they use
    • Apps and mobile approach
    • Live or in-play systems
    • Customer support offering
    • Payment methods taken
    • Volume of sports and markets offered
  • There’s likely no perfect rating system as each reviewer has their own subjective view or influence. We aim for consistency in our reviews and ratings and we back ourselves to deliver a good service. 
  • We aim to keep our reviews and core information updated as regularly as possible. That said, it’s feasible that our experience with a casino or sportsbook may be different to yours, so we’re always happy to hear feedback from our users. 
  • We focus on Michigan and Michigan only - you deserve to be treated uniquely and we will always make sure that we only purpose the best offers that suit the Michigan market. 
  • We don’t spam, we don’t sell on any data and we believe in being good human beings.

Hopefully this list gives you good reasons why to trust us and helps you believe that offers its users a great experience.